We have multiple trainings, from Basic to Advanced level, focused to enhance your technical knowledge and give you real-time industry level disclosure. These trainings are especially designed to polish your programming skills with the new technologies in trend, taking you one step closer to your dreams.

Python Training

If you are a Python enthusiast and looking to take a new leap in your career, then this course is for you. Regardless, of your experience level, this course provides you with the theoretical and practical deliverable to understand the programming on a whole new level, including the exercises to implement the knowledge in the real-time applications. Starting from scratch, covering topics like “What is Python?”, “What are Python Frameworks?” “Databases in Python” to advanced topics like Django, Flask, Rest API, Docker, Jenkins, Pandas, Numpy, Git, etc., will be covered in the training.


Did you know that Java is the most popular user interface and about 3 billion mobile phones are currently working in Java, as well as 125 million TV sets and each Blu-Ray player? The 4-week intensive Java training session provides practical, hands-on experience and foundational working knowledge of Java for fundamentals, advance, data science,and other technical applications like web development. Whether you are new to Java or a long-time follower, you’ll benefit from this focused series of topics, best practice exercises, and real-time projects.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is one of the most emerging roles in the present era. Business Analysts will always be needed as a problem solver, communicator and for their keen ability to transform ambiguity into clarity, no matter what specific responsibilities you have or what title you are given. The four weeks concentrated Business Analyst Training provides you training from scratch to handle the business and technology in the corporate world covering topics from Version Control System, GitHub, BitBucket, AWS, Databases to ETL, Tableau, WorkDay and Salesforce.

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